Greetings from the Goblins

Calling All Creatures!

Join us for a grand masquerade ball featuring goblins, orcs, and all sorts of fantastic creatures! The realm is a whole new place when the goblins take over. You won't want to miss it!


Realm Locals



Fear not, Goblins may be running amuck along with other oddly shaped and unusual creatures, but most of them don't bite. most.. anyhow, Dragonhold is always prepared!



Beloved and Bewitched by many, meet Tabitha, not your usual village hag...

Goblin Photo Shoots! Don't be Shy!


Take memorable photos with the Goblin King and friends! Get a chance to sit on the Royal Goblin Throne! Capture the unique moments awaiting! 

Music and Entertainment

Ginger Ackley!


Ginger Ackley, a Texas native now happily transplanted to Ohio, has  taken her life long passion for music, combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded them into a delightful style of Celtic folk.

Burning Sage!


Since 2002 - Burning Sage has been incarnated by founding members voice of Lin Sanders and rhythm of Sue Balaschak. Intense, tribal/world rock. You don't want to miss this, their performance is going to rock!

Gary Parker!


Gary Parker, a multitalented fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, specializes in 60s & 70s folk era music. Although he's played throughout North America, he continues to regularly entertain in his home area of Northeast Ohio.



The Pirates of the CUC Constantine are here! A small collective of independent minds bent on bringing more pirate antics into the world. They rejoice in the opportunity to share their voyage with good friends, old and new! This "theater troupe" brings a unique perspective to live performance, historical commentary, and classic satire. 

Belly Dancers!


Developed in the Middle East thousands of years ago, belly dance, or in the Arabic language "raqs sharqi", is performed by Mariah of Ohio, USA with tremendous joy, passion, and respect for the ancient art form.

Fire Performers!


Aspiring Fire Dancer and Artist - building through meaningful and passion infused movements - come see Miss Mystic and her fire performing troupe!

Experience The Magic

Be Merry!


Dragonhold is fun for all ages. We look forward to giving you an experience to remember and truly welcome all to immerse themselves in magic, creation, and merriment with us!

Live Steel Duels!


There is NOTHING you have seen quite like what our fighters have prepared for you to watch! Come out and see the action!

Creatures of all kinds!


From jovial and giggly to mysterious and magical, Dragonhold's creatures eagerly await your visit!

Themed Area Kids Quests


Bring the kids! With our multiple themed areas, Kid's Quests, games, and character interactions shaped specifically towards children's enjoyment they will be having just as much fun as the adults!

Merchants & Artisans!


A wide variety of beautifully crafted items and unique, one of a kind pieces await patrons throughout the festival!

The Fun Continues Into the Night

Moonlit Merchants Market!


Walk along Dragonhold's paths amidst smiles, lanterns and light. Fantastic merchants and artisans are staying open into the night for you!

Experience The Magic!


Join us for an unforgettable evening! Enjoy a variety of appetizers while watching the surrounding performances. Who knows what kind of shenanigans will take place amongst a host of Goblins?

Masquerade Ball!


End the evening in the glow of celebration, come dance with us! Masked with the unknown, observe the beauty of our masquerade ball! Watch fire dancers perform and creatures frolic! Experience the ambiance of the nighttime festival you've been waiting for!