About Us

Creating. Building. Inspiring.


Welcome to Dragonhold, where dreamers of the day work together and play. With a passion to create and hopes to inspire, our fantasy events bring more than just entertainment, they offer experiences. Working with

our imaginations, our team builds worlds to explore. We invite you to come join the magic with us.


Fantasy Festival

A weekend-long, family-friendly event held annually packed with theatrical shows, musical performances, activities, workshops, demonstrations, and shopping. Eat, drink, and be merry in our medieval realm where magical creatures and characters roam.


LARP Events

Live-Action Role-Play weekends held throughout the year. Both experienced and new players welcome!  Join an epic adventure with our original story and gaming structure, created to offer players greater immersive experiences. Your journey awaits...


Masquerade Balls

Uniquely themed nighttime parties where curious creatures, incredible costumes, and mysterious masks fill the room. Each Ball offers something different, a new realm to step into and eagerly anticipate. A special night out for Adults Only to enjoy, with dining, drinking, and dancing.